Vìn di Latisane

In the countryside of Precenicco, a lot of vineyards, hectares of rows of vines, tended by the hands of careful vine-dressers, who are always eager for a deeper knowledge and new experiences that can guarantee the highest quality of our wines. Recently built wine cellars, but already full of history and tradition . We are in DOC (Denomi nazione Origine Controllata, e.g. "Original Location Certified ") area of Latisana, famous for its wine, "vi n di Latisane vendemat su la stagion" as an old popular song says.

Domus Bacc[h]i, A new meeting place tracing back to its origin of a patronized port on the banks of the Anaxum, the river " without light" once called the Stella,
because of its dense surroundings by trees which prevented sunlight from reflecting upon its water. Precenicco has always told its history between land and water. The river's calm clear flow of water from its beginning flowing down southward to the lagoon of Marano, where the reflection of light seems to dance on the water that once gushed out spontaneously from numerous fountains.

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Umberto Baccichetto


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La cantina di Bacco Baccichetto

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Umberto Baccichetto & C.s.s.

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