Umberto Baccichetto


The wine estate and the DOC area

In the countryside  of Precenicco, a lot of vineyards, hectares of rows  of vines, tended by the hands of careful vine-dressers, who are always eager for  a deeper knowledge and new experiences that  can guarantee the highest quality of our wines.

Recently built wine cellars, but already full of  history and tradition: we are in DOC (Denominazione Origine Controllata, e.g. "Original Location Certified ) area of Latisana, famous for its wine, "vin di Latisane vendemat su la stagion “, as an old popular song says.

This area produces excellent  wine grapes, thanks to its climate and the sandy-clayey soil, rich in minerals, that -together with the warm air streams of the sea- give that particular fine taste and aroma to our wine.

On the road from Precenicco to Lignano, you can find the winery owned by Umberto Baccichetto.

It stretches for more than 35 hectares of green vineyards and its wide and modem wine cellars welcome its guests like a loving mother, with the scents of the surrounding countryside. It is a small world of excellent  wines, that you can fully enjoy, by picking up among a great varietyof quality choices.

Azienda Baccichetto

Umberto Baccichetto

The Baccichetto’s wine estate is proud to be a family-managed farm, that can follow the various stages of wine-making, from the winecellar processing right up to the bottled product and its direct selling.

The Baccichetto family originally came from Treviso and - in the 60 's - moved to Precenicco, where the integrated the ancient wine tradition of the Veneto region with the best characteristics of the viticulture of the Friuli region.

This old passion for the earth and wine has enabled the Baccichetto family to combine their ancient tradition with the most modern techniques.In this way, they have obtained high quality wines that are well known and appreciated both in Italy and abroad.

We are glad to invite you in our winery, where we can meet us and, most of all, where you can experience the quality of our products. Together with our wines, you will enjoy the tastes and the atmosphere of an enchanted land - the Friuli region - where the beauty is made of little things, made great by the work and the knowledge of our artisans.


Umberto Baccichetto & C.s.s.

P.IVA: 02291210306

via Lignano, 46 - 33050 Precenicco (UD)

Tel. e FAX: 0431 58208


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